Welcome to ArtistSupport

ArtistSupport’s function in the music trade is meant to be exactly what its name implies; a support and partner for the artists, within the fields of management, booking and promotion (CD-launchings, touring promotion etc.).

The company was established under its new name in 2004. General manager is Erik Brenna who has broad experience from the music trade since 1997.

Erik Brenna

I started to work with promotion in MBS/Farmen. My first assignment was for KRØYT.
At the time neither I nor many others knew what KRØYT was, but today there are a whole lot of people who have taken in what Kristin Asbjørnsen & Co. have achieved,
with KRØYT as well as with DADAFON.

During my time with MBS/Farmen I did promotion work for and with many artists. Great changes came in 2001 when Farmen published the debut album of Kaizers Orchestra; “Ompa Til Du Dør” (Ompah till You Die”). The rest of Kaizers’ history ought to be well known.

The subsequent tour “Ompa Til Du TOUR” took me many places. This tour – and many others that followed – with Kaizers and with Bjørn Berge the last couple of years, gave me an intimate knowledge of “the life on the road”; both in Norway and elsewhere in Europe.

In the course of the last 4-5 years I have also worked with several American artists and arranged visits to Norway for some of them for shorter or longer periods. These are:

Rosie Flores, Joy Lynn White, Duane Jarvis,
Josie Kuhn, Marcy Rae, Adrienne Young og Candace Asher.

The basis for our values:

All included; promotion, bookings and management means versatility

Security; what we promise, we deliver

Actuality; we work in several fields

Professionalism; professional services; professional artists